๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช Plea From A Friend

Note: This page contains very graphic content and animal cruelty. It is being presented here for the purpose of awareness. Please take and share it widely with hopes something can be done to stop these horrendous acts towards animals.


The following are not our words unless in italics. A kind friend in Germany has kindly informed us and we wish to share for awareness to help end these heinous atrocities.


Additional updates:


My friend in Germany has noted that he has now informed the US government of this animal tormentor:


OralVore simply continues with crush videos, although forbidden in the USA.ย The page may be down but we have this photo as proof. Also scroll down and you will find more related videos for sale depicting sick women who engage and abuse frogs and mice from what I’ve seen. Please do anything you can to report this website to authorities.



In the USA, the land of unlimited possibilities, everything seems to be allowed!

Facebook supports fake profiles and animal abusers, so this page must be created here! All that reporting, that criminal on Facebook, didn’t help!

There is a fetish called “VORE” – this is OK for now. However, it is not OK if animals are tortured and killed for it!

Living goldfish are swallowed or living frogs swallowed or small mouse babies are swallowed alive and tortured extremely cruelly before.

Even riper mouse babies, which already possess a fur, are swallowed alive and tortured!ย Animals are living beings and have feelings. Just because an animal cannot speak or is not human does not mean that an animal feels nothing!

There is also a combination: first crush animals alive with your feet, for example, or sit on them and then swallow them half dead and digest them alive.ย Or the animals “ONLY” to “crush”, thereby for example small mice are kicked slowly too dead.ย All for fun and because of OralVore’s greed!

The pages show clearly what I mean:






In the USA “crush” videos are forbidden under penalty and also LiveVORE!

The “person” “Rachel Titi” https://www.facebook.com/titi.vorequeen

The name is a fake, she also runs another page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/oralvore/

She uses Facebook commercially for forbidden content and her main profile is a fake profile, because it is not her correct name.

According to research, this person and his “company” OralVore lives somewhere in Florida (info off her fake site: Boca Raton). The videos are also produced here. They say she’s dark-skinned and mother of three. This information cannot be verified.

If that’s true, you can’t understand how an adult woman and mother of 3 children produces such cruel videos!

Since this kind of animal cruelty has been banned in the USA since 2017, the videos are still produced in the USA. But the servers are abroad, just have a look at the website http://voreclub.com/

If you read the text there, you know that she is well aware that she is doing something forbidden! Please report it, EVERY animal welfare organization you know, report it to the authorities and Facebook, which happens here several times evil and cruel!

The OralVore also produces crush videos, you can recognize this by the dead link: http://voreclub.com/product/annas-white-squish/ You don’t make up link texts like that!

One of her models “Anna”, of course the names of all girls are also all fake names, has recently, as it was seen there, “crushed” 2 mouse babies and then swallowed half dead.ย No, I didn’t see the video, but during my examination I came across the video that was currently removed.

Another crime club is the group on Facebook “Goldfish and Gummy Swallowing”

I was incognito there once. Here even crueler videos are shared, there like mouse babies torment and swallow etc.ย Facebook thinks it’s OK to let this animal abuse group continue. No, Facebook didn’t even delete the videos there.ย In summary, I have to say that Facebook supports fake profiles, illegal content, illegal commercial content and animal cruelty!!!!

Yes, there have been several attempts to report it to support on Facebook and so on, but Facebook doesn’t care. Maybe when WE all become active?! Please help to end this injustice!!!! In Facebook and around the world, we prevent the production of such videos!


I have another one who lives in Florida she calls herself “Alex” (fake name of course) and runs this site: https://www.alexandria-stars.com/ the videos are also produced in the USA.

As you can also see Crush and VORE videos, here are scorpions Goldfish, slowly crushed by women or eaten alive.ย You need a membership here, I’ve had this one month, so I know that. Wanted to spy.ย The videos are distributed by OralVore and Alexandria through the company Verotel.ย This is located abroad BUT the videos are produced in the USA.


Please see Stop Crush for related information.